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How to Uncover Your Purpose Through

A 2-Hour Workshop with Holistic Learning expert Lina Vasquez & Transformational Coach Chesline Pierre-Paul + access to a follow-up Exclusive Mastermind

30-Days post event.

2-Hour Workshop + 
Exclusive Mastermind

A world full of light, love, and laughter. Let’s make it happen!

Our programs are inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai (Reason for Being).  We use the foundations of this philosophy to enhance human consciousness. 


The fundamental building blocks for our programs are Values, Adventures, Growth, Impact, and Character.  

Holistic Learning is the process by which we deliver educational and coaching programs to a global audience.  Our pillars for this delivery are a synthesis of balanced effort:

  • Body:  Using Yoga to enhance the physical body to reflect a lifestyle of conscious choices for overall health and wellbeing.

  • Energy: Training to focus your life energies to bring balance to your life.

  • Emotions: Using guided meditation and the art of stillness to stabilize emotional wellbeing.

  • Mind:  developing and enhancing mental capabilities with holistic learning techniques.

  • Spirit: Gaining access to life beyond the five senses.  Learn how to use your intuition and expand beyond the physical.

Are you ready to discover and fulfill your life’s purpose?  We will help you to discover:


Values: Are the values that are established in your life based on choices you have made or are these programs from external influence?

Adventures: If you have not yet chosen values for yourself then your experiences in life are coincidental and you will be unfulfilled.

Growth: If you are not experiencing the full spectrum of life you will miss opportunities for expansion. 

Impact: If you are not experiencing growth in your life then you will be dragged by life and you will experience suffering as a normal consequence. When you realize that your life is not about you and you live this way you will never again feel lonely.

Character: A solid character is a result of having solid values chosen by you. This will result in experiences that provide fulfillment and growth.  Your impact in the world will be a consequence and you will become the architect of your destiny.

Who are we?
Lina & Peter

Copy of 20201025-_AEP5548-Edit.jpg
M. Lucas
  • Peter M. Lucas
  • Peter M. Lucas
  • Peter M. Lucas

Peter is a U.S. Marine with two decades of military service. He is also a speaker, author, mentor, and Life Purpose Coach. Peter has participated in programs with the U.S. Department of State, featured on Mindvalley, and is an executive contributor at Brainz Magazine. In addition, Peter is passionate about practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. His mission is to enhance human consciousness by helping executives to connect deeper with themselves and discard self-sabotaging traits.

  • Lina Vasquez
  • Lina Vasquez
  • Lina Vasquez

Lina is a cross-cultural social media consultant, multilingual YouTuber, writer and speaker, whose mission is to revolutionize the education sector through fostering deep, holistic, human connection. Fluent in seven languages, she is the author of the “Busy Linguist Bible” alongside two other titles and has partnered on various campaigns with Babbel, Babbel Brazil, Fluency Academy, and the German Federal Foreign Office to create impactful online content that connects worldwide. Learn more about Lina here


Beautiful inside and out - Lina is truly a gift! Her holistic language
coaching is evidence of not only of her amazing knowledge and aptitude in language acquisition, but her deep passion for provoking personal transformation and fulfilment. So grateful to have met her and
experience her holistic, fun, and transformative approach to language

coaching. After working with Lina, you’ll find yourself, not only feeling more proficient, but completely transformed! Wholeheartedly recommend! What an experience! - Jamaal Rowe, Digital Marketing Strategist, JAER Media

Peter's thoughtful insight and ability to look beyond the surface of my pain have been instrumental in my healing. It would not have been possible for me to move past my limiting beliefs without his sage guidance. His message of light, love and laughter, manifesting limitless potential, combined with his ability to hold me accountable to do the work for myself, has been priceless.  - Brenda Warren, The Soulutionist, Author and Speaker

I found that Lina and Peter were absolutely incredible hosts who made
me feel welcomed and comfortable to share my message with their
audience and with the world. I think that we should all focus on what
it means to live a life on purpose. Lina and Peter provide a great
space for us to elevate human consciousness. Keep doing what you

are doing because its absolutely incredible! - Jason Piears,

Coachee, UK

In A Life on Purpose, Lina and Peter provide unwavering support to
the people they serve on a journey of wholeness. To them,
fulfillment comes from living your purpose, with resilience and a
commitment to your highest self. Their work is helping to build the
kind of tomorrow that I want to be a part of! - Sky Nelson-Isaacs,
Theoretical Physicist, Author, The Synchronicity Institute

The Instagram Live interview with Lina and Peter about my
global research into purpose, humanity and flourishing was
such a joyful experience! They are an inspiration - and a
remarkable combination. Lina and Peter are definitely on the

right track with their focus on holistic learning. - Martijn Lampert,

Co-Founder and Research Director Glocalities

Being interviewed by Peter and Lina was a highlight and a pleasure for
me, and a welcoming space to share and dive deep in my mission and
calling. Joy and connection wove through our conversation, as

wisdom and inspiration were shared for all. - Barry Selby, The Love Doctor, Speaker, Relationship Expert, Author


A Life OnPurpose

Holistic Language Learning
Cross-Cultural Consulting

A live show dedicated to providing educational content in the form of interviews of those who are striving to live a purposeful life.

This aspect of Holistic Learning Academy offers evergreen resources and web-based educational programs to our tribe of seekers.

We’ve organized EPIC Events that expand on our live show, such as those featuring Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Alan Goldhammer, Sky Nelson-Isaacs, and many more.

Provides our audience with a chance to interact with experts from a specific field. You will receive workbooks, tools, and techniques to implement and integrate the latest methods of Life Purpose Transformation.

Both Lina Vasquez and Peter M. Lucas run independent coaching programs based on holistic learning methods. For more information, contact them directly or send a query to

The only language learning experience of its kind that takes you on a self-development journey whilst you learn a new language with ease, fun and confidence. 

Helping coaches and businesses create global impact and accelerate their reach internationally through the creation of bespoke multilingual, multicultural social media marketing strategies.

Our latest MasterClass

Have you ever considered:


  • What is our collective role in advancing the human species?

  • Are the systems designed by humans conducive to our evolution?

  • What are the steps to becoming highly evolved beings?

Then this MasterClass will have you on the edge of your seat!

By the end of this MasterClass, you will:


  • Have direction for a permanent and unshakable connection to your true divine nature.

  • Experience life-changing elevations in every area of life: from your wealth and career, to your health and relationships, to your contribution and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Understand the true connection between all human beings.

Neale Donald Walsch is author of the self-help classic Conversations With God. Chesline Piere Paul is a thought leader, Queer-E-O, executive coach, & global impact expert.

Join in a magnetic meeting of the minds between the spiritual messenger and the social impact expert. 

Buckle up; it's time to live a life on purpose!

"God is an intelligent, self-conscious, self-aware essential essence that magnificently expressive energy that we could call Pure Love."

Neale Donald Walsch

"Falling into the rhythm of your own grace, is finding such fullness in your selfhood and in your purpose that no external measure of merit and legitimacy can shame you out of being you and your becoming."

Chesline Pierre-Paul

Don't worry if you have missed our live MasterClass! You can find it on YouTube!

Who are we?
Latest Event
A Life OnPurpose
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